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Do not put all your cards in one wallet…

Yes, yes, I lost my wallet last week.  Which drove me NUTS for the 5 days I was
looking for it.

Thankfully I did not have all my cards in one wallet so I was able to continue operating my day to day life (who carries cash anymore!?!).

Which made me realize, even more so, why they say “you should not put all your eggs in one basket”.

The same goes for everything:

If you have investments and all of your investments are in a stock market and the market takes a crash, you’re done.

If you have all your loans with one bank and they decide they will not grant you your loan, you have to start a whole new relationship with another bank, which in return causes a waste of time, effort, credit checks…etc.

In conclusion; Diversify!

Yes, definitely invest, but diversify; Invest in Real Estate, invest in the market… the key is to diversify because “if you loose your wallet, you can still operate”!

Oh, and at the end, my great assistant (thankfully) found it jammed in my office chair, right besides me the whole time and I never saw it!  Ha!

Have a great day to all!

Mathieu McCaie